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Organizational Concept, Principles & Structure
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Monday, 23 June 2008 00:00

People Against Illegitimate Debt (PAID!)

1. General Concept

  • PAID is a movement:
    • with very specific basis of unity and objectives
    • campaign and action oriented
    • membership is open to all who share PAID’s unities and objectives, and is primarily by participation
    • decision-making primarily by consensus  by those present and active
    • decisions, policies and plans cover only those positions and actions made or undertaken in the name of PAID
  • Members have varying mandates, interests and strengths. Members also have other concerns outside of the issues and objectives covered by PAID. Thus, members will have different modes and levels of participation and contribution towards advancing PAID’s goals.  Structures shall be flexible in order to shall provide venues and space for these.  
  • Organizational structures and conduct must be able to promote, facilitate and sustain collective strength and action of members and participants but also respect member organizations’ independence and initiative and not unduly curtail individual creativity.
  • As a campaign and action oriented -formation - decisions have to be timely and quick in order to effectively and efficiently respond to developments in the situation, take advantage of opportunities, and rise to the challenge of key political moments.
Organizational Principles

Shared Purpose. All members of PAID shall uphold the shared goal of mounting an independent and grassroots’ effort to push our government as well as the international lending community to implement policies, laws and actions that will lead to the repudiation and/or cancellation of illegitimate debts. Towards this end, the members shall formulate and adopt an Plans of Action that serve as guide for collective activities and initiatives undertaken in the name of PAID. Accompanying the Plans of Actions shall be Budget(s) that shall detail resource requirements as well as target and actual sources of funds including members’ contributions.  

Shared Responsibilities and Resources. The members affirm that the movement was formed to accomplish goals that cannot be achieved if organization or individuals working alone or separately. Thus, members agree to share in the responsibilities of carrying out tasks and contribute resources (financial, but including knowledge, skills, relationships, and staff or other non-fiscal resources) that are necessary for the realization of the shared purpose.

Parity and Participatory Decision-making. All member organizations, regardless of size, shall have the same weight of vote/position when PAID takes a decision.  All concerned shall be duly notified of meetings; decisions shall be made by those present.  When big decisions are needed on critical issues or concerns – the majority should be present and shall aim for the greatest consensus possible.  All shall share in the responsibility to ensure that all relevant and important information is shared for effective, timely and accountable decision-making and planning.

Mutual Accountability. PAID members shall ensure hat each and all are delivering on their commitments and responsibilities and common resources are used effectively and efficiently. Collective assessments and reporting to the general membership shall be undertaken regularly.

Respect for Independence and Initiative of Members. PAID shall respect the right of members to undertake their own activities and initiatives on the issues that PAID covers, independent and distinct from PAID’s activities.

Organizational Structure

2.  Membership.
  • Membership to PAID is voluntary and is open to all Philippine-based organizations and individuals regardless of their social, political, racial, gender, or religious background or beliefs. All members shall express in writing its desire to be a member, and its adherence to the purpose and principles of PAID.
  • Basic Duties and Privileges of all Members. All members of PAID, institutional or associate, shall be participate in the formulation and implementation of Plans of Action, contributing time, talents, skills, energies and resources.  All members have the right to speak and be heard in all meetings; receive relevant information for meaningful participation decision-making, planning, implementation, assessment; receive financial reports and call for audit of the finances; terminate their membership.
    • Representation & Voting Privileges. All members shall be entitled to send representatives to any organizational or official meetings of PAID. An organizational associate member can send authorized representative(s). An individual member can only represent her/himself and may not assign such rights and privileges to another person.
    • These individuals and representatives shall be presumed to have authority to participate in decision-making and bind themselves and/or the organization being represented to agreements made at the meetings they attend. All members regardless of the number of representatives present in a meeting, shall be entitled to one vote.
3. Functions & Responsibilities of Governing Bodies & Implementation Structures of PAID. PAID is a movement and a campaign platform composed of organizational and individual members all adhering to a common and shared vision and purpose. To promote efficiency and heightened impact in all of its efforts, the following organizational set up is adopted.
  • PAID Assembly   
This is the highest policy-making body of PAID. It shall consist of all  as members. All will be given at least two weeks notice of the meeting of the Assembly.  In case of a situation requiring urgent and immediate response, notice for the meeting shall not be less than 3 days.  Quorum is all those present.
  • Steering Committee
The Steering Committee of PAID shall be composed of at least 9 member organizations agreed upon (or elected) by the Assembly.  The Steering Committee will select from among its members the presiding officer(s) and spokespersons(s).

The Steering Committee shall meet as often as needed, and not less than once a month.  A quorum exist when a majority of the Steering Committee is present.

The Steering Committee shall 1) ensure that the Plans of Actions are  carried out,  2) ensure that the  work of the different committees are in line with PAID’s Plans of Actions and are coordinated 3) formulate positions, calls, tactics and plans for the PAID movement as a whole during key political moments or developments 4) ensures that  reports are given to the general membership
  • Secretariat
The Secretariat shall be responsible for the day-today operations of PAID such as communications, information exchange and circulation, office operations, preparation for meetings, documentation and records.  It shall keep track of the work of the different committees to assist the Steering Committee in its coordinative and leadership responsibility. It shall also carry out campaign related tasks as maybe assigned by the Steering Committee. It can also be requested to provide assistance for the work of the different committees, depending on capacity.  It shall coordinate and monitor fundraising efforts of the different committees.

The Secretariat shall be headed by Secretariat Coordinator. The Secretariat Coordinator sits as an ex-officio member of the Steering Committee
  • Committees
PAID shall form different committees as vehicles for icollective planning and implementation of  PAIDs campaigns and activities. All committees are open to all members. All members are asked to join at least one committee,

These committees shall ensure the informed and active participation of the members of PAID and all concerned in campaign undertakings. The Committees shall 1) formulate and implement specific plans on their assigned issues/projects/campaigns; 2) raise the resources necessary (in coordination with the Secretariat and Steering Committee) and  3) conduct assessments and give reports to the Steering Committee and general membership
  • Interim Provision
Until such time as the financial state and organizational maturity of PAID will allow, the functions of the Secretariat shall be handled by the Freedom from Debt Coalition.

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